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One Simple Hack to Significantly Improve your Online Visibility

Nowadays, everybody is going on about using Social Media handles to increase the visibility of your website online. But remember that before the internet was more widely available, businesses were relying on printed directories, such as the Yellow Pages, to be found and discovered by new customers.

The best way to ensure that your potential clients would call you rather than your competitors depended on whether you paid for larger print ad placements, or if your company’s name started with one of the first letters of the alphabet.

Today,  81% of shoppers conduct online research about a product before making a purchase. Therefore, the focus has now shifted, towards having well-optimized business pages across search engines and social media platforms so your business can be found and so you can generate more leads.New Call-to-action

Most people like to focus on Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google, but did you ever consider using the help of YELP?

The teams of HigherVisibility produced a series of minigraphics, including one regarding SEO through YELP. If you register your business on YELP, these few simple steps will help you improve your pages and could result in more traffic, leads, and revenue for your business!


It is also worth noting that YELP offer advertising solutions, the reviews of which you can find here 

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