Event Planning in London

Hosting Events in London just got Simpler!

Did you hear the big news? Meetup and WeWork have just announced that they will be joining forces in 2018!

If like us, you are a Small/Medium sized business, or even a Startup, an entrepreneur or someone looking to explore your interests with other like-minded people, then it is very likely that you have heard of the platform, Meetup. We have been using it for years to attend events and organise our own.

But if like us, you have been using the platform, then you most probably know how hard it is finding a place for everybody to meet without having to pay tremendous amounts of money.

Well, Meetup seems to have found the solution to our problem, by joining forces with the WeWork network, and that could be a real game changer for all event organisers.

Imagine no longer having the stress of looking for a nice, professional place to host your prospects and clients. No longer having to meet with business people at a noisy pub. No longer having to advance the money from your own pocket, with no guarantee that you will get as many guests as you thought to at least break even.

Meetup and WeWork will be blowing all of your troubles away with their brand new alliance. Now, the only real question is, what cost will be associated to this joint (ad)venture? They are still keeping the terms of their agreement very secret. Guess we will have to wait until 2018 to find out!

Watch the full promotional video by clicking on the picture below and click on this link for more information

Where to host events in London

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