Christmas Card Ideas

2017 Best Ideas for Your Corporate Christmas Cards

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and therefore, it’s beginning to look a lot like that time when we need to send out our beloved Christmas cards to all of our clients and prospects.

As a Marketing Agency, we are currently full on looking for good ideas of cards to send to our clients for the festivities and naturally, we are looking at our options with a Marketing oriented perspective.

So, we went scrolling around Google and Pinterest to gather the best ideas for our upcoming E-Card. We found some serious, some fun, some hilarious and some disturbing options and we thought that rather than letting you spend the same precious hours looking for your own options, we would share our selection of favorites on the blog, for all who need inspiration this Christmas.

We hope you find what you are looking for, Hohoho!

The Gif(t) E-CardChristmas Card Ideas 2017

The GIF E-card is a classic. It acts as a virtual snow globe for most of its recipients. One could sit and stare at the falling snow for hours and try to depict every smallest detail within the picture. These are great to spread cheer get people to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of Christmas.

The Poster CardChristmas Card Ideas

We had never come across this idea before, but we sure think it is brilliant (provided you have good Postal budget. This one is especially useful if you have a shop front or a restaurant. Otherwise, you could always take a day off and travel around town to distribute them yourself! Provided that it is nicely designed, your brand could end up hanging on the wall of your clients’ office.

The Kaleidoscopic E-Card Christmas Card Ideas

This is one of our personal favorites. Kaleidoscopes ring out the inner child in most of us. And after all, what is the point of Christmas, if it isn’t for us to bring back our inner child over the course of a night. This design is also very classy and can reflect both an original and a poetic side of your company for this gorgeous time of the year.

The “Can Haz Burger” E-CardChristmas Card Ideas

This is perfect for the less serious among us. (And it is particularly fit for pet-related companies). But what is the point of a Christmas card if you can’t get a little silly?

The Animated E-CardChristmas Card Ideas

These designs are sleek and generally tell a small, sweet story that often brings out some form of emotions within the recipient. Plus, you can never go wrong with pets!

The Secret Santa CardChristmas Card Ideas

This is our personal favorite in the more standard cards. They take the shape of a business card or a paper bauble. Big enough to write a very personalised message on the back yet small enough to be carried around in a wallet and handed directly to your clients on your pre-christmas visit to them. We love the very classy designs and believe that sometime, less is more!

The Personalised (and for the ridicule-immune) E-card

Christmas Card Ideas

This is the absolute creme-de-la-creme of the ridiculous card, but you are sure to give your recipient an immense giggle. We’ve found that generally speaking, these kinds of e-cards are kept internal and share around by the employees of a same company as a way to bond and have a laugh altogether. It is used more as a team building tool than an actual greetings card for clients, but it does a rather good job at what it is used for!

We hope our selection helps you find inspiration for this year’s Christmas cards, feel free to let us know if you’ve come across any other original or beautifully designed ones. As for us, you will find out what we went for soon. Watch this space!

Merry Christmas!

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