How To Build Your Business’ Brand, Part 1

What if your company were a person? Would you like them as you would a best friend, or would you screen their calls? Would you take them out to lunch, and let them babysit your kids, or would you avoid interacting with them as much as possible?

Right now, you are probably thinking: of course I would treat them as a best friend, what’s the point of having a business if it’s not somebody I enjoy hanging out with?

Well, actually, you would be surprised at how many of our clients replied that they wouldn’t hang out with their business if it were a person. Why? Because their business is complicated and if it were a person, five days non-stop with them per week would be more than enough.

Having a complicated business isn’t a bad thing, but making it seem easy to your audience is the key to increasing your sales.

Your consumers don’t care about the complicated back-office aspects of your business, they want the final, easy-to-consume product or service. They don’t care how complicated it was to get there and you need to bear that in mind. Your brand has a reputation to build and nurture, just like a person!

If you pay attention, you will realise how true the above statement is. As humans, we feel the need to humanise everything. We give personality to things that likely have none, because doing so makes them relatable.


Spongebob Squarepants is a perfect example of this.

This cartoon is a sea sponge that has the shape of a dish sponge, the face, arms and legs of a human and an actual outfit! If he was just a sea sponge, would he spark that much interest? We think not.


We are not saying that your logo should have a face, arms and legs, but we are saying that humanising your business and picturing it as a person in your head and within your team will help make it more relatable to you and in turn you will make sure it behaves like a human in front of your audience.

So, we invite you to ask yourselves these few easy questions that will help you put together a profile for your brand.

  1. What is your brand’s promise? (Both rational and emotional)
  2. How would your customers describe their relationship with your brand?
  3. When your customers experience your product or service, what emotions do they feel?

If this sounds confusing, feel free to reach out and we’ll happily give you a free 30 minute long consultation to guide you through how to use this exercise to your advantage!

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have just launched our FREE RESOURCES page! It is filled with plenty of valuable information for anyone looking to build their perfect brand image and marketing strategy. Feel free to visit our new page and download away! You can also get in touch with any questions, or connect with us to keep updated on our latest developments and new releases. 

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