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I attended a marketing and communications workshop called “plugd’in’ on Thursday, 14, September designed and run by Nathalie Pannequin, SmOutCom and Frederic Royer, Frog Telecom.

There was a lot of information to take in, but the presenters were excellent in taking us through an approach to marketing and social media and gave some great ideas and suggestions to improve my methodology to managing my customer database. It was a really useful two- hour session – thank you.

Anna Stobart, Director Hafton Consultancy

Excellent in taking us through an approach to marketing and social media

In July 2017 I attended the PLUGD’IN Marketing and Communications Workshop run by Nathalie Pannequin and Fred Royer. I learned a number of marketing tools that with their help I was able to start applying right away to my photography and video business. The positive effect was immediate. My presence in social media changed for the better overnight – I became a lot more “visible” and enquiries leading to more business increased. During the one-month follow up that is part of the workshop Nathalie and Fred provided further support and made available more business tools to me. I recommend Nathalie and Fred very highly. They gave me bespoke advice. The service they provide is absolutely top quality. If you want to grow your business do this workshop as soon as possible!

Danilo Leonardi, Professional Photographer & Co-Founder of CorpComCrew

The service provided is absolutely top quality.

We requested SmOutCom’s help to set up our branding strategy. We had just set up Lime & Roti, we knew our product was great, but we didn’t know how to put our brand forward, both on our website and social media platforms. Throughout our work with SmOutCom, we understood the importance of setting up a consistent image and vocabulary that perfectly impersonated the essence and culture of Lime & Roti. We are very satisfied with how our website and social media image turned out and we would warmly recommend SmOutCom to any business that needs a smart and efficient marketing strategy.

Oliver Monguel, Co-Founder of Lime & Roti

We would warmly recommend SmOutCom to any business that needs a smart and efficient marketing strategy.

SmOutCom was recommended to assist us in getting a better understanding of how to find our identity within the field of our business. Through discussion and thought provoking questions Nathalie and her team helped us humanise and personalise our business allowing us to better understand what we wanted to achieve and how. The workshops are engaging and revealing; The team is wonderfully patient and very professional. We are very excited about the journey ahead and that is in no small part due to the efforts and advice SmOutCom have given us. We would wholeheartedly recommend them.

Yvonne Grant, Co-founder of GiggleMug Cakes

We are very excited about the journey ahead and that is in no small part due to the efforts and advice the team at SmOutCom have given us

SmOutCom’s research played a key role in helping us make a critical decision regarding a potential rebranding of our company and revamping of our marketing strategy. As a result of the findings, plus SmOutCom’s valuable insights and experience, Tic Media has moved towards much greater success. I would have no hesitation in working with SmOutCom again – a team of true professionals.

Terry Cella, Founder of Tic Media 

I would have no hesitation in working with SmOutCom again

I really enjoyed filling in SmOutCom’s branding questionnaire. It made me think about my business’s identity and the values I wanted to promote. It was interesting how the business was then presented as a persona with a proper identity and it has helped me progress and become even more successful. Thank you SmOutCom for your help with our marketing.

Sally Lansdale, Clinical Director Spinex Disc Clinic

I really enjoyed working with SmOutCom

SmOutCom is a very professional and effective team. We brought them in on an advisory basis to help with the communications strategy for the business. We needed work done with our branding; helping us establish a clear vision and voice for Vaiex; helping set up a social media and content strategy as well as identifying new opportunities for engagement with key stakeholders. Nathalie and her team were of huge value to the company, helping to steer our brand image and launch plans. They are particularly passionate and creative in their work and I would highly recommend them.

Vitali Goubski, Co-Founder & COO VAIEX

Particularly passionate and creative in their work